Unreal Engine Plugin

Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced game engine ever built. You can use it to create games for most major platforms, such as desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux), consoles (Xbox, PlayStation), and mobile (Android and iOS).

Stratis Plugin for Unreal Engine allows the STRAX Token to be used in game creation as well as the InterFlux Hub, opening up a world of possibilities through Stratis Smart Contracts written in C#.

Non-Fungible Tokens “NFTs” are of special relevance to game developers that want to include in-game currency. By implementing an NFT, in-game things can be truly held by the player, eliminating the possibility of losing acquired things due to lost login credentials or account termination.

Blockchain is a perfect fit for gaming, and now that blockchain and crypto currencies have hit the mainstream, platforms like the Stratis has introduced are likely to attract a substantial number of developers. In addition, some of the earliest opposition that cryptos found was due to the fact that they are a form of digital money that competes with fiat currency.