Smart ContractsΒΆ

Smart contracts can now be deployed on the Stratis Full Node. Like the Full Node, Stratis smart contracts are written in C#. Smart contracts extend the functionality of a blockchain and allow it to map out complex financial interactions through the sending of funds and storage of data. However, as we shall see, the uses of smart contracts are not limited to financial interactions.

The audience for this material is anyone who wants to get started writing smart contracts on the Stratis Platform. Even if you have not written a smart contract before, this is a great place to start. This handbook provides some basic theory about smart contracts, explores some use cases, and provides reference material including a breakdown of an interesting real-world smart contract. To kickstart your learning, the step-by-step tutorials guide you through interacting with your first smart contract, which you will deploy on your own local blockchain.

This material assumes that you are familiar with basic blockchain concepts. When it comes to writing smart contracts, a basic knowledge of C# is also assumed. However, if you are new to C# or even programming, we recommend you continue to explore Stratis smart contracts as part of your C# learning experience. More resources on the C# language are available here. A basic knowledge of Swagger and working with the command-line interface would also be useful.