Running the Stratis Full Node


Download and install .NET Core Runtime version 3.1 or newer:

Download and unpack Stratis Full Node release:

Default port configuration

Following table summarizes port configuration used by the Stratis node

Port Network Description
TCP/17105 Strax Mainnet P2P protocol
TCP/17104 Strax Mainnet RPC server
TCP/17103 Strax Mainnet API interface
TCP/27105 Strax Testnet P2P protocol
TCP/27104 Strax Testnet RPC server
TCP/27103 Strax Testnet API interface
TCP/37105 Strax Regtest P2P protocol
TCP/37104 Strax Regtest RPC server
TCP/37103 Strax Regtest API interface
TCP/16179 Cirrus Mainnet P2P protocol
TCP/16175 Cirrus Mainnet RPC server
TCP/37223 Cirrus Mainnet API interface
TCP/26179 Cirrus Testnet P2P protocol
TCP/26175 Cirrus Testnet RPC server
TCP/38223 Cirrus Testnet API interface
TCP/26179 Cirrus Regtest P2P protocol
TCP/26175 Cirrus Regtest RPC server
TCP/38223 Cirrus Regtest API interface

Configuring the Stratis Node

The Stratis Node can be configured through parameters passed to the executable or through configuration file.

Command-line only options

Option Default value Format Description

%AppData%Roa mingStratisNode


Filesystem path in OS specific format Location of the node’s data folder
-testnet 0

0 – Disabled

1 – Enabled

Start the node with Testnet network
-regtest 0

0 – Disabled

1 – Enabled

Start the node with Regtest network

Options which could be placed in stratis.conf configuration file or passed as parameters to the process

Option Default value Format Description
port 17105 1-65535 The default network port to connect to
bind ip:port Bind to given address. Use [host]:port notation for IPv6. Can be specified multiple times.
connect   ip:port

Specified node to connect to. Can be specified multiple times.

Using that option will disable ability to accept inbound connections

addnode   ip:port Add a node to connect to and attempt to keep the connection open. Can be specified multiple times.
maxoutbo undconnections 16 Numeric value The maximum number of outbound connections
maxinbo undconnections 109 Numeric value The maximum number of inbound connections
agentprefix   Text An optional prefix for the node’s user agent shared with peers. Truncated if over 10 characters.
txindex     Enable to maintain a full transaction index
apiuri http://lo calhost:27103/ URL URI to node’s API interface powered by Swagger
server 0

0 – Disabled

1 – Enabled

Activate RPC Server; pass 0 to disable or 1 to enable RPC server
rpcbind 17104 ip:port Network address to which the RPC will bind to
rpcallowip Network/subnet (I.e. IP address allowed to connect to RPC

There are many parameters that can be utilised when launching the Stratis Full Node, some of these parameters will differ dependent upon how the Stratis Full Node will be utilised.

A comprehensive list of available options can be found in the stratis.conf which is in the defined data directory upon first-launch of the Stratis Full Node.

Running the Stratis Node

Windows Example

Stratis.StraxD.exe -datadir=C:\StratisNode

Linux Example

Stratis.StraxD -datadir=/home/stratis/StratisNode

After executing the above command, the Stratis Full Node will start and begin peer discovery to obtain a copy of the StratisTest blockchain.

After a short period of time several peers will be discovered, this will be evidenced from the console window.