A “HelloWorld” smart contract

This next tutorial in the series looks at a classic “Hello World” program.

Commonly, “Hello World” programs are very simple and consist of just one function, which outputs a string. However, because of the nature of smart contracts, this example is slightly more complicated, and we will take an opportunity to see how smart contracts are built from C# classes. Every interaction with a smart contract is made via a method call to the smart contract including its deployment. There is a limit of one call in any transaction.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the following C# topics, the following links will help you as you progress through the tutorial:

You can find the source code for the “Hello World” smart contract examples in the Stratis.SmartContracts.Examples.HelloWord project, which is included in the LSC-tutorial branch of the Stratis Full Node. For this tutorial, you will study, build, and deploy HelloWorld.cs.