Acquiring the CRS Token

The CRS Token can be obtained in a genuinely trustless and decentralized manner, achieved by utilizing a two-way-pegged sidechain. This operation guide will take you through the simple steps required to get the CRS Token.

  1. Firstly, you must install both the Cirrus Core Wallet and the STRAX Wallet. Both wallets can be obtained from the Stratis Wallets webpage. Once installed, open up your Cirrus Core wallet, create a new Wallet or Restore using a set of stored recovery phrases.

  1. Obtain an address relative to your wallet by selecting the receive button

  1. Open your STRAX Wallet and create a new Wallet or Restore using a set of stored recovery phrases.

  1. You will need at least 1.01 STRAX to perform a cross-chain transfer. Any transfers under 1 STRAX will be burned and unrecoverable. Obtain an address relative to your STRAX Wallet and send an amount of STRAX you wish to swap for CRS.

    Please note: A fee of 0.001 will be applied to every cross-chain transfer

  2. Now that a STRAX Balance is present, STRAX Tokens can be transferred to the Cirrus Sidechain and exchanged for CRS Token(s) by navigating to the Send Page.

  1. Populate the relevant fields, using the Cirrus Address that was obtained from your Cirrus Wallet

  1. Once you’re happy with the amounts and have confirmed the address is accurate, select the send button.

The confirmation time changes, depending on the size of the transaction, a summary of confirmation times can be found below.


Each confirmation constitutes a mined block on the Stratis Blockchain; a block is mined, on average, every 45 seconds. This results in a transfer under 50 STRAX being confirmed in under 20 minutes.

  1. Once the respective amount of confirmations have occurred, the CRS Token balance can be observed in the Cirrus Core Wallet.