Enter Stratis

Blockchain is a sophisticated concept in this day and age, consisting of a culmination of different technologies coming together to form the foundational pillar in making blockchain the revolutionary offering that it is.

Stratis is a powerful and flexible blockchain development platform designed for the needs of real-world enterprises and global organizations that want to develop, test and deploy applications on the blockchain. Stratis blockchain apps can be developed in pure C# and can also utilize the Microsoft .NET framework, while also taking advantage of the powerful Stratis APIs and framework. Stratis significantly simplifies the development process for creating blockchain applications and accelerates the development lifecycle for blockchain development projects.

Stratis sidechains allow businesses to deploy their own customized blockchains without the overheads inherent in running their own blockchain network infrastructure. Stratis’ turnkey solution enables developers and businesses to create, test and deploy blockchain-based applications quickly and easily, all without the costs and security concerns that would otherwise arise from an in-house implementation.

Stratis will be developing a blockchain full node in C# utilizing the trusted and proven architecture of Bitcoin. The Stratis Platform will then be built on top of this innovative C# fully validating node, tailored to Stratis’ own needs, whilst also adding a broad range of powerful new features on top of it. In addition, Stratis will enable the deployment of customisable sidechains.